Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Farrakhan's Exclusive 2013 Interview

Gold exports increase from Dubai

Alex Jones Destroying Piers Morgan on Gun Control

Quote of the Week - Ron Paul

Something I didn't know about Gold

"Most of the Earth's gold lies at its core, the metal's high density having made it sink there in the planet's youth. Virtually all of the gold that mankind has discovered is considered to have been deposited later by meteorites which contained the element." ~ wikipedia

Critical Time for Gold

From KitcoNews

Money Talks Michael Campbell Interviews David Morgan

From silver investor.com

Unconventional Finance interviews Andy Hoffman & Chris Duane

From UnconventionalFIN

Chris Duane - Snap Out of That NWO, Cartel Inspired FUNK!

From SGTbull07

Eric Sprott - The Tell is Gold and SIlver Prices going UP

Eric Sprott discusses the Fed suppressing the inflation indicators: Gold, Silver and Oil. Listen to the KWN interview here