Saturday, September 11, 2010

Big Autumn Gold Rally

By Adam Hamilton: Gold enjoyed a strong August after emerging out of its late-July seasonal lows. But interestingly last month's bullish action was probably just the beginning of gold's newest rally. A whole host of bullish seasonal, sentimental, and technical factors are converging that ought to catapult gold much higher in the coming months.

In seasonal terms, autumn is the strongest time of the year for the ancient metal of kings. Big surges in gold investment demand emerge out of Asia. The initial one is post-harvest buying once Asian farmers learn how much surplus income their hard work generated in the latest growing season. They invest some of these savings in physical gold. Harvest time for them is like year-end for Westerners, when we figure out how much money we've earned beyond our living expenses.

After that, Indian festival season kicks in. India is the world's largest gold consumer, and its autumn festival season is considered the most fortuitous time for young Indians to get married. Their culture believes the timing of a wedding affects a marriage's longevity, happiness, success, and luck. Families of Indian brides spend fortunes to adorn them with intricate 22-karat jewelry. These dowries provide more than beautiful adornment, gold's intrinsic value helps secure the bride's financial independence in her husband's on

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