Saturday, September 25, 2010

Silver Prices On The Verge Of A Major Move To The Upside Over The Next Year

By David Levenstein:

Silver has been on fire in the last few weeks and the price has moved from $17.50 to a hair above $21/oz in six weeks. That is an increase of 20%! Not bad if you have been long, too bad if you have been short.

Last Monday, not only did the grey metal break the psychologically important $20 an ounce level, it remained above $20 for most of the week sending prices of this precious metal to a 30-month high. At the moment there is a lot of momentum in silver as investors snap up bullion bars, bullion coins while funds add silver to their positions, and it seems that there is still some steam left in this current move that may take prices above $21 before we see a on

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