Thursday, October 21, 2010

French Protests Intensify

If the French are on the streets due to an increase in the pension age, something that has occurred in Australia several times without significant dispute, imagine what it will be like when the bad debts of the PIGS countries drag the Euro down again and pensions wont buy anything.

From the Guardian:

Last Saturday, at the end of a massive trade union demonstration in Paris, a group of about 200 self-proclaimed anarchists walked towards the Bastille square, and, instead of taking over the prison that is no longer there since the 1789 revolution, they tried to occupy the new opera house.

At 8pm, an unreal scene was visible from outside. On the first floor, through a huge glass window, bystanders could see opera lovers with a glass of champagne in their hands before the evening's performance while RoboCop-like police were taking over the ground floor and arresting the on

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