Saturday, August 20, 2011

Egyptian protesters want end to peace with Israel

From: AlJazeeraEnglish | Aug 19, 2011

Hundreds of Egyptians gathered at the Israeli embassy in Cairo on Friday to protest the apparently accidental killing of five border police by an Israeli helicopter.

The incident, on Thursday, came as the helicopter was reportedly moving across the border in pursuit of armed men thought to be connected to an earlier attack inside southern Israel that killed eight people.

Egypt has withdrawn its ambassador and summoned his Israeli counterpart in Cairo in protest. The cabinet has demanded compensation for the policemen and an investigation into the incident.

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  1. It all started when palestinian terrorists deliberately attacked two israeli civilian buses and two israeli civilian cars in a cowardly cross border terrorist attack from Egyptian controlled Sinai, under the noses (literally) of the Egyptian border guards. Israeli forces came to the rescue and luckily managed to kill them, and in the cross fire Egyptian forces were hit, either by israeli forces or by the terrorists themselves. Clearly the death of the Egyptian soldiers was a direct result of the terrorist attack and the ensuing firefight, and not any malicious israeli attack on them. The egyptians should be blaming the palestinians for this and not the israelis, who are the clear victims in this case. The malicious and deliberately misleading representation of the egyptian deaths in the egyptian media is to do with egypt seeing this as an opportunity to try to distance itself from the peace treaty with israel, and reflects a potential radicalization of that country, something that was feared to happen after the revolution.
    The arab league now of course condemns israeli action against these terrorists in gaza, instead of condemning the terrorist action that sparked the incident and the indiscriminate rockets fired from gaza into israeli cities deliberately targeting civilians.