Monday, November 14, 2011

News Analysis - Double Standards

From: PressTVGlobalNews  | Nov 13, 2011  
Hamad bin Jassim, Qatar Foreign Minister: "Call on the Syrian army to stop the violence against civilians."

International political standards seem to be reflected differently depending on interests. When people die in Syria, it is called a massacre by some of the international community, so much so that the Arab League has suspended Damascus from the organization.

When people die in Yemen, many meetings are set up with some Arab organizations and at the end, the dictator remains in power and continues to kill as Arab leaders look the opposite direction. And then there is Bahrain, that when people are arrested or killed, the story is simply ignored.

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  1. Look at these US Republican presidential candidates, they want to interfere in sovereign nation interest, they support terrorism, they want to start war, support false flags, support assassinations and bombings and would do any dirty trick to get want they want, no matter if it is right or wrong!
    But when its against them its unacceptable??