Friday, June 22, 2012

NatWest Bank computer meltdown

Ah the delights of moving zeroes and ones around that are pretending to be money. I never have such problems when I move a pile of silver coins from one side of the desk to the other.

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Millions of NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland customers have been hit by a technical fault which meant salaries were not paid into their accounts - and millions more could be affected today.

Tax credits and other payments did not go in overnight and people were logging on to find their money had not arrived.

One customer who was supposed to be buying his first house with his pregnant wife will be forced to spend a night without gas or electricity in his old property because of the glitch.

The banking group apologised to its customers for the problems, which began yesterday, and said it was working hard to fix them.

But a spokesman admitted it was possible that the glitch could also affect customers expecting payments to be made into their accounts.

Asked whether it was possible that more account-holders will encounter problems today, the spokesman replied: 'Potentially, but hopefully not.'

NatWest could not say exactly how many of their 7.5million personal account customers have been affected but it is understood to be in excess of one million.

Business customers have also been affected.

The group said last night that the problem was not caused by hacking.

One branch in West London had closed its doors with only two members of staff outside telling customers that they would not know until today when services would be restored.

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