Friday, August 10, 2012

Five Year Total Return Performance of Major Global Financial Assets

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  1. Wow, Copper is set to explode. With the bullion value of copper/nickel hovering around the 14c mark in the Australian 20 cent piece, It wouldnt be a bad idea to get some. What can go wrong, the face value of the coin would be guaranteed by the governement not to go below 20c. So if copper and nickel plummet in value the value of the coin will protect it.
    This cannot said of the silver one ounce kookaburra as it has a face value of $1.
    3 x 20 cent pieces make up an ounce.
    $100 worth of 20 cent pieces get you about 5.5 kilos.
    Compared to the old gold/silver/copper ratios of pre-decimal coinage from 1910 to 1945, the 20 cent piece should be worth now about $1.10 in bullion value.
    You got to love the market manipulation by the money junkies.