Monday, December 31, 2012

And coming in at no. 23 is.....

I just had surprise reading the following post from Zerohedge and seeing that a post from this blog came in as the 23rd most read post on Zerohedge for 2012, with approx 76,000 views. On this site the post was the most read for 2012 at approx 17,000 views.

Zerohedge article link

  • In 23rd spot, with 76,032 reads, was the update from the world of gold counterfeiting, with "Tungsten-Filled 1 Kilo Gold Bar Found In The UK." Perhaps the most surprising thing about this is that people were actually surprised that "there is counterfeiting going on here." Or perhaps it was merely the validation of what everyone had already known. This would only be reconfirmed with...

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