Friday, March 29, 2013

Bonus Chillout

Just listening to the latest mix from my favourite DJ, Jessie Andrews and I thought I would share.....

For those who have not heard of Jessie Andrews before she is many things -  a DJ, jewellery designer and retailer, model, actress, blogger and an amazing publicist of her "brand" with 240,000 people following her on Twitter - @jessieslife (vs. me at 176). I first heard about her as a blogger via a review in Wired magazine about the blogging site Tumblr.

If you want to see Jessie perform as a DJ click here, she has the last set on a pimped out dance bus which apparently drives around Miami (hence the camera shake). Whilst she is the background for most of this recording her set starts around the 68 min mark.

And lastly for those brave enough there is her famously unpredictable blog, which redefines the phrase "Not Work Safe". So don't click on the following link at work, or even without looking over your shoulder first, yes I am serious, as you never know what she might be blogging about today. Jessie's blog ---> jessieslife

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