Saturday, May 11, 2013

Greg Hunter - Weekly News Wrap

From Greg Hunter

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  1. This was a great presentation. I have questions I would like to have seen brought up. If 99%, it has been researched, of all firearm offenses in our country have been committed with handguns, why the push to do away with so-called assault weapons (rifles)? Does the government want to eliminate the ability of the law-abiding American citizen to "shoot back"? Shoot back at what or whom? Homeland Security buying hollow-points for target practice? What are they doing buying up this lethal type of ammo that is more expensive than solid points, outlawed by the Geneva convention, and with taxpayer (our) dollars? What is all this militarization of local police? Is this government getting ready to go to war with us, the taxpaying law-abiding civilians of this country? Do they have outrage planned for us as we get closer and closer to a fully tyrannical government?