Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thieves Steal a Soldier's Gold and Silver

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A DIGGER who lost his life savings when $200,000 in gold and silver was stolen from his safe says two other houses have been robbed of precious metals in Brisbane in the last six months.

The spate of burglaries has raised the prospect of professional thieves targeting collectors through websites where they discuss and trade gold and silver.

Corporal Christopher Lunt fronted a media conference with his partner Krista Hochwallner on Thursday to appeal for help in solving the New Year's Eve theft.

"Ten years of hard work, money from two deployments overseas, Afghanistan and Iraq, just instantly gone. Just gut-wrenching, absolutely gut wrenching,'' Corporal Lunt said.

"We were setting ourselves up for the future. We were looking at a house very soon. Just being smart with our money and we thought that was our best investment. It was really our future.''

He started amassing gold and silver as a hobby following advice from his father to "be smart with your money and buy something that's tangible''.

"It just started off really small and over time it just grew and grew and grew.

"I've been really looking into putting that away in safe deposit boxes which was only going to happen in two weeks' time when we move. Unfortunately it was just bad timing.

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