Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ukraine's Crimea falls to Putin, without a shot fired


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Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Saturday for the “stabilization” of Ukraine, but it no longer matters what the events of the past three days in the Crimean peninsula are called. It’s an invasion in every sense. The soldiers without identifying insignia who took control of government buildings, airports, television stations and central junctions in Crimea have been reinforced by extremely identifiable Russian armored convoys, cargo aircraft and combat helicopters. There is nothing left to hide.

According to the website of the Russian Marine Corps, “There is no better way to rest after Sochi than coming to Crimea.” The afternoon vote by the Russian Duma authorizing the Kremlin to deploy the army throughout all of Ukraine simply confirmed the status quo.

Business people in Moscow are already preparing a $5-billion package to purchase Crimean infrastructure and set up new industries. The oligarchs owe the Kremlin their fortunes and are putting them now at Putin’s disposal.

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