Sunday, May 18, 2014

John Butler - All About the Money

I just came across an excellent presentation by John Butler of Amphora Commodities (John's bio) in which he discusses bitcoin, gold and reserve currencies throughout the ages, and the Gold Standard.

I have been following John's musings for a few years now having first seen him interviewed on The Keiser Report. I was fortunate enough to meet him at last year's Gold Symposium in Sydney. We talked about his book The Golden Revolution, and also we had a fascinating three way discussion with my mate Duncan of Anglo Far East on gold standards, fiat money and the decline of Western Civilisation over a few beers. Then I think things left that lofty plain as we were joined by the outgoing Jeff Berwick of and we ended up in one of Sydney's swankest bars (Establishment, ironic for such a bunch of anti-establishment types) and well some things that occur during Sydney's "Gold Week" are sometimes best left there.....

Your blogger with John Butler in Sydney

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