Monday, May 26, 2014

The World Has Gone Mad - THE price higher than 1 Kilo of Gold

Found on Australian Ebay this morning (link) Update: .......and it is gone, pity I wanted to start my next novel with that word.


I am selling the word "The".

Handwritten with blue ballpoint pen, on a torn piece of Reflex A4 paper, this versatile word can be used in literally thousands of sentences. For example:

"The dogs have escaped again"
"I will buy some meat from The local deli"
"What's The time?"

Ideal for any situation, this fun-loving item fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, wallet, or purse.

Looks great sitting on a MacBook Pro, and emits a mysterious beauty when leaning against sea shells. It's the quintessential addition to any pot plant. And if your piano needs decorating, this word is likely to create a poor-to-mediocre vibe for onlookers, when they see it placed on your instrument.

Can be used to wipe the fog from a snorkel and is timeless when placed in a puppy & bunny rabbit scenario. It's a popular word for the whole family.

Bidding will begin at 0.99 cents.

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