Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Five important charts for gold bugs

A great summary of charts showing gold's historic and possible future price against 5 fundamental on

Blanchflower says rob the pensioners to pay off UK debts

Former Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee member and leading UK economist David Blanchflower is suggesting that the UK target a higher inflation rate to deal with one of the highest national debt moutains in the on

The coming Silver Shortage

Veteran market commentator Stephen Leeb, Chairman of Leeb Capital Mgmt. explains in simple terms the virtues of silver the potential shortages that could be experienced in the near future. Take away quote "Silver - there is very little of it and we need it for everything"

EU toxic debt

European mega toxic loans, which amount to $2.6 trillion just for Greece, Spain and is all too well known that France and Germany will go bust overnight if PIIGS debt is allowed to be marked even halfway to market pro forma for governmental bailouts, on the banks' balance more from Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge ---> here

17 Reasons to own Gold

Definitive summary of the main reasons to own Gold (most also apply to Silver) by the legendary John Embry of Sprott Asset Management. Read ---> here