Friday, June 20, 2014

Weekend Chillout - Lighting a Fire

Late this week the Gold and Silver prices caught a fire, but we wait in anticipation of a washout going into Friday's NY COMEX close, will we hold $1300 and $20?

George Galloway: ISIS Western American Allies and Enemies

From WeAreChange

Iraq Civil War Coming and Ukraine Fighting Gets Worse

From Greg Hunter

Iraq's Break Up is the Real "Mission Accomplished"

From corbettreport

Boom Bust with Jim Rickards on Financial Warfare

From Boom Bust

Fixing the Gold Fix


Tensions in Iraq and Ukraine may have seen gold rally of late, but the yellow metal is still well-down on the highs of 2011. Gold's reputation has also been tarnished by accusations that the global benchmark pricing system known as the 'fix' is open to manipulation. But now the World Gold Council is stepping in to bring some credibility back to the precious metal.

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Gold Blows Through $1300 Silver $20

The gold and silver markets have continued on their tear overnight with gold now up 3.2% and silver up over 5% during NY COMEX trading.

Gold Spikes on 500 Million Dollar Purchase

Looks like a big player has decided to pull the trigger and dropped half a billion US$ on the gold market, causing a 1.5% spike in gold and 2% spike in the more volatile silver.