Monday, December 26, 2011

Defining Posts of 2011

As 2011 draws to a close I though I would review the years posts on this blog (all 3,000 of them!), and highlight the defining stories and commentary.


Egyptian leadership stashing a golden parachute?

French intelligance claim Ben Ali fled Tunisia with 1.5 tonnes gold

Gold at over $1,600 feasible before year-end - GFMS

China now the World's Largest Gold Market

Australia's Reserve Bank's gold sale cost us $5bn

Australia still world's no. 2 gold producer

China dives deeper into resource race

40th Anniversary of Nixon closing the Gold Window

Gold hits $1900

Gold is backed by nothing unlike the US Dollar

James Grant and James Turk discuss gold

Believe the Leprechaun, Gold is the Ultimate Safe Haven

Central Bank Gold Buying at 40-year High

Venezuela brings home Gold


David Morgan & Mike Maloney - Silver is Scarcer than Gold

James Dines - 'Silver is the most under priced commodity on the planet'

Enjoying the ride?

Silver and Copper to fight disease

SGT Report interviews Bix Weir

7 Billion people

A glimpse of the future of precious metal mining


Australia announces new tax for Carbon Based life forms

World needs $100 trillion more credit, says World Economic Forum

Lest we forget

Traders rule the World!

Monty Python explains Merchant Banking

JP Morgan captures The White House

Paul Craig Roberts - Offshoring has killed US job recovery

Paper Burns

Bernie Madoff - "The US is a Ponzi Scheme"

James Grant on Inflation

Jim Rogers hammers a BBC git

The TSA and your junk

David Icke - You don't want to know about this

US drug of choice

Empty China

Clarke and Dawe - Quantitative Easing

S&P downgrades US credit rating

MF Global:

Gerald Celente takes a golden shower

Alex Jones and Max Keiser discuss MF Global


Max and Stacy in Athens

Syntagma Square

Clarke and Dawe - The Greek Economy


Anarchy in UK as London turns into war zone

Panic on the streets of London

Cunard Markets


Let them drink domestic sparkling

CNN Anchor Mocks Occupy Wall Street

Say 'Please'

Oakland Police Violent Crackdown on Occupy Protesters

This is what a Third World Police State Looks Like

Now Do You Understand Occupy Wall Street?

Occupy WTC7


The End of the American Dream - Suspended Constitution

Fiat Terrorism

The USA is Failed State

Rense & Dr Judy Wood - Where Did The Towers Go?

USA is losing the Information War

Rapping the Revolution

Hu Jintao jets into Washington

Superman Renounces U.S. Citizenship

HELP! HELP! I'm being repressed!

Medvedev grows some and restarts the Cold War

Tim Osman:

Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden dead

US can't accept it created Bin Laden & Al Qaeda



8.9 Earthquake hits Northern Japan

Japanese Tsunami from the Sea and the Land

Amazing video from a car swept up in Japanese Tsunami


Egyptian Revolution Jan 25th 2011

Thousands clash with Egypt riot police in Cairo


Bahrain protests


Gadhafi can spot a Ponzi scheme when he sees one

Libyan uprisingBaghdad Bob says it is all Tim Osman's fault

1650kg of Silver fired at Libya to enable No-Fly Zone

Would US target Libya if they had broccoli instead of oil?

Why Gaddafi had to go

NATO bombed Libya back to Stone Age

World reaction to Gaddafi's death

Saif-al-Islam to get a 'fair' trial

How Silver Eagle coins are made