Sunday, February 14, 2016

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Happy 50th Birthday to the Aussie Dollar

Born on Valentines Day 1966

The video below documents it's birth

Its vital stats at birth were:

AUD:USD exchange rate fixed at: 0.8929 ($1 bought just under 90c US cents)

Gold price in AUD: $39.65/oz

$1 in 1966 bought 0.78g of gold

But just we all started out being full full of vitality, 50 years has taken its toll on the Aussie.

Its current health stats are:

AUD:USD exchange rate: 0.7108 ($1 buys 71c US cents)

Gold price in AUD: $1742.40/oz

$1 today buys 0.018g of gold

Percentage rise in Aussie gold price since 1966: 4,294%

Purchasing power of the Aussie dollar expressed in gold has declined 97.7%

I wonder how long that last 2.3% of purchasing power is going to last?