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Brother JohnF - Silver Update: Gekko vs The Ghost

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A New Hot War Against Liberty

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On this Friday, August 31 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex confronts the heated rhetoric swirling around the RNC and the brazen attempt by the establishment and its corporate media attack dogs to criminalize political speech by labeling words such as "Chicago" and "birth certificate" as racist. Alex also talks about the increasing number of military drills across America as the elite gear up for social in political chaos in the event of an economic implosion.

Fed to Fire Up The Printing Press

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Weekend Chillout - They are all "Jezebels"

With all the Jezebels at the Fed this week flashing fiscal skin at the markets this song from Sade seemed most appropriate. "Where did you get that new QE? Do you really want to know?"

Is JP Morgan waiting to pounce?

With the spike in Gold and Silver prices on the close in NY the question arises will JP Morgan pounce come Monday and short the rally?

Hyde Park, Sydney, 30 Aug 2012
Gold spikes and JP Morgan lies in wait
A crouching tiger?

Bernanke Says Unemployment a `Grave Concern'

Aug. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Fact & Opinion Economics' Robert Brusca discusses Ben Bernanke's speech in Wyoming. Brusca speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock."

SGT Report interviews Susanne Posel

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London world capital of surveillance

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Spain's Bankia reports massive half year loss

This is very worrying news in light of Martin Armstrong's recent report.
Aug 31, 2012 by Nationalised Spanish lender Bankia has announced losses of 4.45 billion euros between January and June. That was worse than its total for the whole of 2011.

Immediately afterwards Spain's national bank-rescue fund said it will inject emergency cash into Bankia to keep it solvent. It did not say how much.

Illustrating how big Bankia's problems are, it is setting aside 2.7 billion euros to cover loans in just the second quarter that likely will not be repaid.

Bankia, which is Spain's fourth largest lender, was created by merging seven different troubled savings banks in 2010.

After it took over Bankia in May, the government asked for a 100-billion-euro lifeline from the eurozone to shore up its ailing banks. They are burdened with an estimated 184 billion euros in bad loans to property developers during the property boom.

Facebook stock continues its decline

Looks like hints of free money from the Fed can't fix everything. Facebook was down over 5% on the day - down more than silver was up, what does that tell you about playing with paper.

Facebook, Inc. (FB) Interactive Chart Analysis -

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Facebook's stock prices are continuing to tumble. The social media website went public in May raising the company's worth to more than one-hundred billion dollars. Investors have seen the continuing failing of their stock drop from $38 to $19. Al Jazeera's Scott Heidler reports from New York.

Gold nears $1700 and Silver $32 on Fed Babble

Gold finished the week at $1690 up from the Comex close on Thursday of $1655, a gain of 2.1%. Silver finished the week at $31.68 up from the Comex close on Thursday of $30.37, a gain of 4.3%

Gains were attributed to babble from Fed Chairman, B.S.Bernanke saying words to the affect that the Fed might further stimulate the economy with money for nothing, if everyone asked reeeally nicely and turned their jeans pockets out, but would still have to think about it for a bit even if we did.

Markets took this as a positive sign of future debasement of the world's reserve currency and re-priced US$ assets to offset the expected decrease in value of the US$. The circus now awaits the outcome of  the Fed's next meeting on 12-13 September.

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Bernanke says Fed will act if needed, but no QE3 yet

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