Thursday, July 28, 2011

U.S. is Losing Economic Cold War with China

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This week Stefan Molyneux (our video host) interviews Casey Research Chief Economist Bud Conrad on the current state of the U.S. and global economy, with a specific emphasis on investment implications.

Bud has a more bearish view on nuclear power than Casey Energy Strategist Marin Katusa, so we'll have to interview him soon as well. It's okay that their opinions differ; creative thinking can't occur where different views are not allowed. And Bud's basic analysis is highly consistent with the way Doug himself views things -- which is, in technical economic terms, "pretty darned scary."

Louise Yamada on Gold & Silver

Louise Yamada discusses the technicals for gold, silver, commodities and the US$ with Eric King of King World News.....listen here

Paul Craig Roberts: The Political Theater and The Debt Ceiling Crisis

Edwin Vieira, Jr. on the Fed's Transfer of Wealth

Hotspots: Greece

Max & Stacy's documentary on the finanical crisis in Greece, part funded by ABC Bullion via

Part I

Part II


Australian shares slide

From The Sydney Morning Herald:

Australian shares have fallen 1.3 per cent with investors jittery about the US's political standoff that could force a default or downgrade of sovereign debt.

The benchmark S&P/ASX200 index was down 59.6 points, or 1.31 per cent, at 4477.8, while the broader All Ordinaries index had dropped 59 points, or 1.28 per cent, to 4553.6.

US stocks fell sharply overnight, in the third consecutive day of losses, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunging 1.59 per cent and the broader S&P 500 tumbling 2.03 per on

China’s Stocks Decline

From Bloomberg:

China’s stocks fell for the first time in three days as a drop in U.S. durable-goods orders and a stalemate over raising the nation’s debt limit boosted concerns global economic growth will falter.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd. sank to a five-month low after banking regulators reiterated controls on loans to local financing vehicles. China Shipping Container Lines Co. dropped 1.2 percent after saying it expects a first- half loss. China Shipbuilding Industry Co. advanced 2 percent after Xinhua News Agency said China is refitting an aircraft carrier for on

First gold-based emissions control technology in commercial production

First gold-based emissions control technology in commercial production with potential to reduce emissions by up to 30%

From the World Gold Council:

Nanostellar Inc., a Silicon Valley developer of advanced materials, has completed the commercialisation of a gold-based catalyst, NS Gold™, which is now in production with one of the four largest European diesel car manufacturers. The World Gold Council has provided an additional investment which will help the company to accelerate wider commercial adoption of NS Gold™.

The inclusion of gold in this technology provides significant benefits for diesel vehicle manufacturers, providing emission reductions of up to 30%, manufacturing cost reductions, or alternatively improved fuel economy. Catalytic converters in cars and trucks use precious metals, such as platinum, to catalyse the oxidation of harmful by-products in the engine exhaust, and thereby reduce noxious emissions. The potential to use gold in this type of application has long been considered by the industry, but until Nanostellar’s breakthrough the technical challenges concerning catalyst durability prevented its use. Following rigorous performance and durability testing, the NS Gold™ catalyst has proven to be fully compliant with the current European vehicle emissions standards (Euro-5) on

Jim Rogers - 'Prepare for a lost decade or more'

From: RTAmerica | Jul 27, 2011

There are 5 days until the default date of August 2nd. How will this affect everyday Americans? While Obama and Boehner play chicken Jim Rogers, co-founder of Quantum fund, sounds off on the economic issue. Is this a political charade?

US debt ceiling talks become a carnival

From: AssociatedPress | Jul 27, 2011

White House press secretary Jay Carney says that time is running out to strike a deal to prevent the first government default in the nation's history. He urged Congress to do what they were elected to do, come together to get a deal done.

Golden Salute to Global Breakdown