Saturday, November 19, 2011

Alex Jones interviews Jim Rogers

From: JimRogersChannel  | Nov 15, 2011

Capital Account interviews Max Keiser on Germany and Gold

By on Nov 18, 2011

Gordon Chang: China is Going Backwards Right Now

From: CaseyResearchFAN  | Nov 16, 2011

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At the Casey Research/Sprott Summit When Money Dies, Gordon Chang, a columnist for Forbes, spoke with Stefan Molyneux about the past, present and future of China.

Doug Casey: Future Wars Will Be Open Source Wars

From: CaseyResearchFAN  | Nov 9, 2011

Colombia - From White Gold to Real Gold

From: AlJazeeraEnglish  | Nov 18, 2011  
Cocaine farmers in Colombia are leaving the drug business and moving into illegal gold-mining. 

The Big Story - Bloody Sunday: Blood Money?

From: PressTVGlobalNews  | Nov 17, 2011

14 people are killed and dozens injured when British Paratroopers opened fire on a civil rights march in Derry, Northern Ireland.

It was one of the most shocking events in the bitter struggle for Irish independence that had seen enmity on both sides.

American Awakening faces heavy crackdown

From: PressTVGlobalNews  | Nov 17, 2011

'US military, intelligence community & professionals resist Iran war'

From: PressTVGlobalNews  | Nov 17, 2011 
The head of Iran's Human Rights Council has strongly rejected allegations that his country has been after nuclear weapons.

Ron Paul: "FED is immoral"

From: RTAmerica  | Nov 17, 2011 
Congressman Ron Paul delivered a speech for the National Association of Home Builders at the 29th Annual Cato Monetary Conference yesterday. The key topics were the US monetary policy and the Federal Reserve.

Jim Rickards "Monetary System a Race Between SDR and Gold"

From: RTAmerica  | Nov 17, 2011