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Keiser Report: Unelected Officials

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In this episode, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss the tax-free living Christine Lagarde, an unelected official, waving the flag for French banks while harassing Greek citizens while Silvio Berlusconi's 'pleasure chest' drives up the bunga bunga market. In the second half of the show Max talks to Hugo Salinas Price who appeals to Alexis Tsipras to propose bringing a silver standard to Greece.

Mike Shedlock on the Spexit, the Grexit and Running for the Eurozone Exit!!

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Lord Jacob Rothschild Confronted

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Bilderberg Attendees: The Real Enemies of Humanity

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May 31 is the arrival day of the globalist rogues gallery at Bilderberg. Prison editor and journalist Paul Joseph Watson mans the command center as Alex and crew take to the street outside the Marriott Hotel in Chantilly, Virginia, where the Bilderbergers are holding their confab.

Obama Rejected Bush Admin Concession To Write Down Mortgages

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Is Cash really Trash?

It seems the Cleveland Police agree with Robert Kiyosaki, "Cash is Trash"

I wonder if the guy had dropped a Morgan Silver Dollar on the ground would have the cops ticketed him for littering or tasered him for circulating constitutional money?

Original source

CLEVELAND -- A judge has dismissed the case of an Elyria man ticketed for littering after giving money to a homeless man.

A Cleveland police officer fined John Davis $344 after the money fell to the ground as he handed it out of his vehicle window to the homeless wheelchair-bound man on May 17. The donation came at a busy freeway interchange.

The judge threw out the case on the basis that money didn't constitute trash. (LOL the judge threw out the trash case! - that's gold, Judge Judy never comes out with such puns)

Davis said he is relieved by the decision and talked to reporters afterwards.

"I'm happy. It's done. It's over and they dropped it. 'Would you have done anything differently?' Yes. 'What?' Not hand money out the window to anybody."

Bilderberg 2012: Secretive summit kicks-off in Virginia

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For a little over 50 years, an elite organization has met all around the world in total secrecy with nearly zero press coverage. On Thursday, the annual Bilderberg Conference will take place in Chantilly, Virginia where the world's leaders are believed to make decisions that could possibly have an effect on the world. Abby Martin looks closer at Bilderberg's global policies for a new world order as RT readies to cover this year's event later this week.

War Criminal Henry Kissinger confronted on Bilderberg

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Worries resurface on US recovery

May 31, 2012 by More weak economic data from the US were further signs that growth there may be stalling after a strong performance early in the year.