Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Live feed from Syntagma Square

IMF's new head

Athens riots continue into the night

For those who don't get the Gold Story I'll have her explain it really slowly for you

Max doing what he does best

Silver and Copper to fight disease

In this video it mentions that Roman army officers used to eat on and from silver items which reduced their risk of food poisoning, but what they also should have mentioned is that for 5,000 years people used to exchange germ free copper and silver coins as payment. Now all we are left with are base metal coins and filthy paper or polymer bank notes. So not only does fiat money kill a country's economy it can literally kill those who are forced to use it.

Greece is selling 'the family silver'

Athens becomes the new Cairo

A crumberling economy, reduced quality of life and an unpopular ruling class caused the Cairo street riots. The Greeks are rioting in the streets right now for the same reasons. Will it to result in the overthrow of their corrupt leaders?

Riots in Cairo, Jan 2011

Lagarde confirmed as new IMF boss

From: Euronews | Jun 28, 2011

The International Monetary Fund has confirmed that its new head is to be Christine Lagarde.

Greeks blowout over bailout austerity vote

From: Euronews | Jun 28, 2011

Keiser Report: Waterboard Bernanke Again!

by on Jun 28, 2011

This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, report on scrapyards being the new pawn shops, Chinese ground troops marching on D.C. and the real British bank exposure to bad Greek debt. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Leah McGrath Goodman about her new book: The Asylum: The Renegades Who Hijacked the World's Oil Market.