Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hugo Salinas Price

I thought seeing that I had only posted 1 essay by the famous Mexican billionaire Hugo Salinas Price that I would look over his past works to see if I could some other timeless pieces. I think I have in the following essays, actually the first essay ties in well with a previous post of mine (see here).

By Hugo Salinas Price:

Why encouraging the population of China to import gold makes sense

Conferences on: Gold & Silver as Monetary Assets

Also for those readers who can speak Spanish I found this more recent video of Hugo discussing his Silver Money Project:

What is George Soros up to in the gold market?

By Michael J. Kosares: The hubbub started when hedge fund guru George Soros proclaimed gold to be in a bubble, and it is still roiling nearly six months later. Gold advocates jumped to its defense, while critics took the offensive. As it turns out though, Soros was not really issuing a warning so much as he was explaining why he was making a considerable investment in gold bullion. Only days after calling gold the “ultimate asset bubble,” the financial press reported Soros had doubled his holdings of physical metal. Both the advocates and the critics had misinterpreted what Soros was trying to say.

Over the years, I have seen gold called among other things the asset of last resort, the ultimate safe haven, the fiduciary asset par excellence, and the investment of kings and the king of assets. I have never before heard it called the “ultimate asset bubble.” Let’s explore what might be behind Soros’ unusual description and his newly-found interest in the yellow on

Double Dipping

By Jim Willie: Double Dip used to pertain to ice cream cones, but now to dreaded return to economic recession. Green Shoots used to refer to gardening projects, then to deceptive economic viewpoints. My favorite is the second half recovery mantra, indicative of totally clueless. This year's promised recovery in the second half of the year will feature a return to recession instead, thus stripping mainstream economists of any remaining credibility. The endless links in the chain are impressive by the clueless cast of economists that occupy the US landscape. The chain of ignominy includes gaping blind spots, blatantly wrong forecasts, minimized ignitions that spread crisis, misguided focus on goofy indicators, outright removal of important indicators, sloppy deception of monetization efforts, clumsy justification of Wall Street welfare, backwards perception of Too Big To Fail banks, and lying before the USCongress. The nation is dominated by the misguided who profess any benefits at all from 'Hand to Mouth' approaches like tax rebates, purchase credits, jobless insurance extensions, and helicopter drops. Their worst investments are their biggest investments, like Fannie Mae and AIG nationalizations travesties. Harken back only to last winter, when economists were talking about a second half recovery, running all the red lights and stop signs. Then they shifted the misdirection to claims of a jobless recovery, which should evoke laughter from its on

Silver - A Historical Perspective

I thought seeing that we are on a historical theme today I would introduce to this blog's readers Charles Savoie. Charles writes regular detailed essays discussing the history of silver in the early to mid 20th Century. An excellent resource to understand how the current silver market arrived at such dislocated levels.

Gold, Silver& The Monetary Problem

Treasury Official Lies About Gold

Jim Rickards interviewed

Jim Rickards is interviewed on King World News. Jim and Eric King discuss the historical parallels between the decline and fall of the Roman Empire and the current state of the USA. They also marvel at the fact the Eastern Roman Empire survived for another 1,000yrs after the Western empire fell due to a simplified govt. and a 10% flat tax rate.

Part I

Part II