Monday, September 3, 2012

Inside Story - The price of feeding the world

Sep 3, 2012 by AlJazeeraEnglish

We discuss the reasons for the increasing cost of food and what is being done to curb record highs.
Teymoor Nabili discusses with Christine Haigh, Peter Schiff, & Aly Khan Satchu.

Jim Rogers on the EU, the U S election, and the next big investment opportunity

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Why Are Commodities Beating Equities and Bonds?

Gee maybe because they aren't paper?

Jim Rickards - The S&P 500 priced in ounces of Gold

Jim Rickards will be the keynote speaker at the upcoming Gold Symposium in Sydney, Australia 22-23 October 2012. For the list of other speakers and Symposium details go here

Aug. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Tangent Capital Senior Managing Director Jim Rickards discusses the S&P 500 priced in ounces of gold. He speaks with Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart."

Coordinated Central Bank Actions For One More Kick Of The Can

Loving the last line of this post from Jim Sinclair:

Coordinated Central Bank Actions For One More Kick Of The Can
Posted By Jim Sinclair On September 2, 2012 (8:31 pm) In General Editorial

My Dear Friends,

Monty Guild, a friend of mine for more than forty years, is the most honest and capable man, in my opinion, in money management.

I respect Monty’s feelings on many matters, certainly the macro picture. Monty, like I, believes it is possible that coordinated central bank actions in the USA, EU, Japan and China are being discussed. The economic problems are so severe, so international, so global, so entwined, so insoluble and still caused primarily by the greed of 1990 to present finance in the form of OTC derivatives that only coordinated global action can kick this can one more time.

Gold is truly going to and through $3500. The gold business is the best business to be in.


Article taken from Jim Sinclair's Mineset -

The Dark Ages

This what happens when the world's dominate empire debases their world's reserve currency. Society collapses as food prices escalate and the mercenary armies that keep the people in check go unpaid. Sound familiar?

The following chart shows grams of silver per denarius from 0 to 237 A.D., and per 1/2 denarius from 238-269 A.D. Source 

South Africa withdraws murder charge against platinum miners

Sep 2, 2012 by

There's been an about-turn in the case of 270 South African miners facing murder charges.

Officials now say the charges will be dropped until the investigation into the shooting of their colleagues by police is complete.

Germany's ex-currency alive & kicking

Sep 2, 2012 by

While Germany is striving to make sure the Euro stays afloat, its old currency, the Deutschmark, is showing no signs of being discarded. RT's Peter Oliver has the details of Berlin's old school savings for a rainy day.