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Nigel Farage destroys Barroso's State of the Union

Sep 12, 2012 by europarl

Capital Accoint - The Sources of the Euro Crisis and the EU Superstate with Godfrey Bloom

Sep 12, 2012 by CapitalAccount

Brother JohnF - Silver Update: Funny Mentals

Sep 12, 2012 by BrotherJohnF

SGT Report interviews Chris Duane

Sep 12, 2012 by SGTbull07

Killed U.S. Ambassador Illustrates Obama's Disastrous Foreign Policy in Libya

Sep 12, 2012 by TheAlexJonesChannel

While the establishment media has engaged in a concerted effort to bury the fact that today's attack on a U.S. Consulate in Benghazi was carried out by the same extremists the U.S. armed during the overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi, Libya's Ambassador to Washington Ali Aujali launched his own lame attempt to shift the blame, ludicrously pointing the finger at Gaddafi loyalists.

Ron Paul on US Foreign Policy

Sep 12, 2012 by RonPaulFriends

Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange

ArabianMoney editor and publisher Peter Cooper visits the only derivatives exchange in the region, the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange to hear from CEO Gary Anderson about record trading volumes.

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Markets gain on bailout fund decision

Sep 12, 2012 by

A ruling from a top German court paving the way for policymakers to take new steps to tackle the eurozone's debt crisis meant European shares finished Wednesday's session at fresh highs.

There was also a fall in the amount of interest that the Spanish and Italian government had to pay to get investors to buy their government bonds.

Capital Account - David Kotok on EU Fireflies

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Peak Platinum?

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