Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Doing the numbers on Silver Aussie Style

Some stats for my Aussie readers. I was doing some research today for my fellow analyst at ABC Bullion, Brett le Brocque, and thought I would share some of my findings. Oh for those who don't speak English, Petrol in this case = Unleaded Regular Gasoline, ie Gas (even though it is a liquid, understand?).

Silver price AUD:

2012 - $32

2007 - $16.70

2002 - $8.80

Australian Petrol price per litre in AUD:

2012 - $1.38

2007 - $1.15

2002 - 80c

Australian full time weekly earnings in AUD:

Nov 11 - $1333

Nov 07 - $1112

Nov 02 - $888

Litres of Petrol / oz

2012 - 23 L

2007 - 14.5 L

2002 - 11 L

Silver Oz equiv. per week worked (based on avg weekly full time earnings)

2012 - 41.6 oz

2007 - 66.6 oz

2002 - 100 oz

Now would you rather save in polymer fiat notes or in Silver?



Let's start with the basics. I have some characteristics that no other matter on Earth has...

I cannot be:
  • Printed (ask a miner how long it takes to find me and dig me up)
  • Counterfeited (you can try, but a scale will catch it every time)
  • Mistaken (how many metals are bright yellow, other iron pyrite?) 
I cannot be destroyed by:
  • Fire (it takes heat at least 1945.4° F to melt me)
  • Water (I don't rust or tarnish)
  • Time (my coins remain recognizable after a thousand years)
I don't need:
  • Feeding (like cattle)
  • Fertilizer (like corn)
  • Maintenance (like printing presses)
I don't have:
  • Industrial Dependence (keeps my volatility lower) 
  • Counterparty Risk (remember MF Global?)
  • Shelf life (I never expire)
As a metal, I am uniquely:
  • Malleable (I spread without cracking)
  • Ductile (I stretch without breaking)
  • Beautiful (just ask a bride)
As money, I am:
  • Liquid (easily convertible to cash worldwide)
  • Portable (you can conveniently hold $50,000 in one hand)
  • Divisible (you can use me in tiny fractions)
  • Consistent (I am the same in any quantity, at any place)
  • Private (no one has to know you own me

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