Saturday, July 30, 2011

Alex Jones and Bob Chapman

Clarke and Dawe - The Greek Economy

Gerald Celente: 'Deal or no debt deal, the debt still exists'

From: RTAmerica | Jul 29, 2011

The debt standoff continues and still lawmakers cannot come to terms on a deal. August 2nd is the day that the US is supposed to default and many are concerned on how this will affect the US's AAA rating. Gerald Celente, publisher of the Trends Journal, tells us the numbers don't lie.

US House OKs, Senate Nixes 11th-hour Debt Plan

From: AssociatedPress | Jul 29, 2011

Shrugging off warnings from President Barack Obama that it won't resolve the crisis, House Republicans muscled through a new plan to raise the debt limit, but the Senate promptly scuttled it.

Obama: Multiple Ways Out of Debt Ceiling Mess

Stupid is as stupid does

Why most Americans will never own gold is that they can't count to 1600, let alone 5000.

A sign at a Walmart checkout

Europe, the US debt ceiling and the fundamentals of gold demand - HSBC

HSBC precious metals analyst, James Steel looks at the likelihood of increased volatility in the gold market and the continued growth in emerging market demand in the wake of the macro economic turmoil with Geoff Candy of here

Gold showers over all other asset classes

Gold has just hit a new all time intraday high north of $1630/oz in early trade in New York.

Robin Griffiths on Gold and Liquidity

Robin Griffiths discusses Gold, markets and liquidity with Eric King of King World News....listen hereLink