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Peter Schiff - Gold Price to Jump on Inflation From Easing

Chris Duane on Wealth Protection

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Australia and China to trade in Yuan and Aussie Dollars

As reported on this blog 10 days ago here Australia and China have confirmed that direct trade will commence between the two countries without reference to the increasingly shunned US dollar.

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China's move to allow direct trade between the yuan and the Australian dollar is tipped to deepen financial links between the two countries and make the $120 billion-a-year trade relationship more efficient.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard confirmed on Monday that Australia would become the third country that will be able to trade its currency directly with the yuan, or renminbi (RMB), following the US and Japan.

Westpac and ANZ are the first two banks that will be able to offer a direct conversion between the two currencies, which must now be completed in a roundabout process via the US dollar.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/deeper-china-ties-coming-with-direct-currency-trade-20130408-2hha5.html#ixzz2PwmH7V5R

Gold to Rally Back to $1,700 per Ounce?

April 8 (Bloomberg) -- Dan Smith, head of metals research at Standard Chartered Bank, discusses the market for gold and what is impacting falling prices and his expectations for a rebound by year's end. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "On The Move."

Simon Black talks to Peter Schiff

An interesting discussion between Simon Black (of sovereignman.com) and Peter Schiff at Simon's farm in Chile. Listen to the interview here

Gold in $1400-$2500 Range?

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Inter-Korean tensions rattle South Korea's market

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Canada to be next Cyprus with bail-ins

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The return of debtor's prisons in America

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Livin' Off the Grid

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Brother JohnF - Silver Safety

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John Embry - The Unseen Hand factor in the Gold price

John Embry is interviewed by the Business News Network in Canada on the recent moves in gold and factors that could be suppressing the gold price. Click here or on the image to access the video.

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The Most Money Will Be Made After Dollar Collapse

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