Saturday, December 31, 2011

Platinum: Fire Sale on the Rich Man's Gold

By John Lee:

About 2000 years ago, Aristotle explained why gold remained the ideal choice of money throughout major nations and civilizations. In words that are just as relevant today, he said "Gold is durable, not like wheat, divisible, not like diamonds, convenient, not like lead, constant, not like real estate, and best of all, as jewelry, it has intrinsic value".

Among the most rare, valuable and sought after metals on Earth, platinum shares these same characteristics with gold. Platinum Guild International names platinum as the "most precious" of the precious metals based on its relative scarcity as well as for the following reasons:

(1) The annual supply of platinum is only about 6.4 million oz. - which is
equivalent to only 7.4% of the annual gold production and 0.87% of silver's
annual mine production.

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Dr. Webster Tarpley: US-UK Ruling Elite Targets Russia, Syria, Iran, Pakistan

TheAlexJonesChannel  | Dec 28, 2011 

Alex Jones & Lindsey Williams: End of The Middle East and US Sovereignty

 I am not so sure about Pastor Williams thoughts on Peak Oil, or lack there of. Although we have only surveyed and drilled a small part of the world's oceans for oil, and then there is whole continent of Antarctica, which was once covered in vegetation that could have created huge amounts of oil and gas.

on Dec 28, 2011

Europe, Central Banks and continued demand for gold ETPs

Nicholas Brooks, ETF Securities' head of Research and Investment Strategy looks at the trends seen currently in the gold ETP market, the impact of Europe and what we might expect in 2012. Listen here

James Turk - Buying Gold is buying Money

James Turk talks to Eric King of King World News of recent price action for gold with a 17% gain for 2011 and his outlook for 2012. Listen here

Alex Jones & Gerald Celente - NWO Clamping Down on People World Wide

By on Dec 30, 2011

Chris Duane - "Nothing Shines Brighter Than SILVER"

By on Dec 29, 2011

A special end of the year silver update with 'Silver Shield' Chris Duane. See Chris' work at

Dr Stephen Leeb on Silver and other rare strategic metals

Dr Stephen Leeb is interviewed on Gold Seek Radio regarding rare earth metals, copper, silver and the race with China to secure their supply. Listen here

Keiser Report: Breastfeeding the Bankers

By on Dec 29, 2011

This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, present London brokers shrinking, boycotting JP Morgan, boycotting the financial system and command and control credit derivatives. In the second half of the show, Max talks to JS Kim of SmartknowledgeU about the MF Global fraud and gold and silver.