Saturday, March 5, 2011

How Much More Demand Can Silver Handle?

David Morgan on Safe Harbours and the rules of the game

The Madness of a Lost Society

Robert Kiyosaki interview on the Alex Jones show

Why Silver, Why Now?

The System Log of the Silver Market

Revolution 2.0 - America what are you waiting for?

Mike Maloney - The bum rush of billionaires

David Morgan & Mike Maloney - Silver is Scarcer than Gold

John Hathaway: On Gold, Silver & US$

John Hathaway discusses the Gold and Silver price action as well as the future performance of the US$ with Eric King of King World News........listen here

Our neighbors reflect on their uprising

The Pursuit of Happiness Chinese Style

Libyan update


SIlver hits new post 1980 high of US$35.67

Weekend chillout

Inspired by the Silver Shorts post below this Weekend's Chillout is dedicated to silver shorts everywhere.

Silver Shorts Bloodbath

From Zero Hedge:

In what can be only described as a total gutting of all silver shorts everywhere, including those with infinite Fed funded balance sheets (wink wink Blythe), all one can do is commiserate. With silver hitting $35.55 intraday, not even a last ditch attempt to spread the ridiculous Chavez rumor once more (this time the two dictators will really get peace ironed out, we promise) will prevent a battery of margin calls from forcing all the silver market timers to liquidate assets to keep their primer brokers happy. That's ok: all those market timer will sooner, or much, much later, get the top right.