Thursday, March 1, 2012

Brother John F - Bernanke Busted

BrotherJohnF on Feb 29, 2012

Jim Rogers Speaks at the University of Alabama

DoomBoomGloom | Feb 29, 2012

The USA is a Dictatorship

Must watch videos, makes you wonder why any thinking, particularly high net worth, Americans still reside in the USA.

ATLAHWorldwide on Feb 29, 2012

Capital Account on MF Global and the Shadow Banking System

CapitalAccount | Feb 29, 2012

Dr. Paul Prescribes Silver to Cure Inflation

Wake Up America - Jon McNaughton

Stack the Smack

Whoa, check out the smackdown in Gold in Silver prices, the Silver rollcoaster is definitely in fine form tonight. are reporting 225 million ounces of paper silver got dumped on to the market in 30 mins and was timed to minute to coincide with the Fed's release of its monetary policy statement to the House Financial Services Committee. Read their commentary here.

Regardless of the reasons for the plunge the smart money will definitely stacking with this price dip. In silver we are off AUD $50/kg.

THE MATRIX UNVEILED: Slavery VS Liberty - Kerry Lutz

SGTbull07 | Feb 26, 2012

Underground Tunnels And Bases Exposed

TheAlexJonesChannel | Feb 28, 2012

New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen (TRAILER)

TheAlexJonesChannel | Feb 28, 2012

Hong Kongers irked by mainland Chinese habits

AlJazeeraEnglish on Feb 28, 2012

Irish leaving country to work abroad

AlJazeeraEnglish on Feb 28, 2012

Millions of workers strike across India

AlJazeeraEnglish on Feb 28, 2012

The Real Deal

PressTVGlobalNews on Feb 27, 2012

Brilliant blowout against World Bank poison

on Feb 28, 2012

Silver and Platinum dramatically out perform

A thing of beauty, isn't it......

Double Standards - Bankers, corruption & Saudi arm deals

PressTVGlobalNews on Feb 28, 2012