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Simon Black - Observations from my recent travels in the Land of the Free

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Demand for Platinum Jewellery Booming in India

India is now taking 40t of a roughly 200t annual mine supply, in addition a significantly higher amount is headed to China for jewellery manufacture. Then add in industrial demand of at least 120t/yr it means there is almost no platinum left over for investment bar and coin demand.

Of course this supply/demand tightness could even be greater if the platinum mines in South Africa do not resume full production soon.


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MUMBAI (Mineweb) -

Platinum jewellery demand in India is likely to shoot up by 35% this year, given the price volatility and import curbs on gold and the rapidly changing consumer preferences for the metal.

A recent study by the Platinum Guild International (PGI) has forecast that India’s demand would be around 40 tonnes in 2014, as compared to around 30 tonnes in 2013, which would be a 41% growth.

Though India has been one of the largest markets for gold jewellery in the world, besides China and the United States, owning and acquiring gold and diamond jewellery for bridal wear appears to have ceded some territory to platinum jewellery.

If it is unlikely to supplant gold entirely, which has broad appeal in India, a study conducted by PGI nonetheless found that India has become the world’s fourth largest platinum jewellery market in terms of consumption globally, and that there is an unprecedented demand for platinum men’s jewellery, especially for upper middle class men in the age group of 25-40 years.

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Ron Paul - Gold 'Wins' Out In The End

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Published on May 13, 2014

Kitco News sits with Ron Paul, a keynote speaker at the Metals & Minerals Investment Conference, to talk about gold, the Fed and the US dollar. "It's not about the brilliance of knowing how to manage monetary policy, it's the wisdom to know that you can't manage the economy through monetary policy"

Jeff Christian - Silver Fix Gone, Is Gold Next?

From Kitco NEWS

Published on May 14, 2014

Kitco News sits with Jeff Christian to discuss the elimination of the silver fix in August, announced on Wednesday. Christian says that there's a possibility the gold fix may be next.

Platinum Increases 2% on Supply Concerns

The Platinum price increased 2% overnight on the back of worsening supply concerns in South Africa as a result of increased union pressure on mine workers.

'We're headed for another Marikana'


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This is what the president of the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union, Joseph Mathunjwa warned yesterday, despite police rolling into the platinum belt to protect mineworkers who have had enough of the nearly four-month-long strike.

Addressing about 4000 workers at Wonderkop Stadium in Marikana, in the North West, Mathunjwa made it clear that miners opting to report for work were on their own.

"Don't allow anything to push you to go to work. We have come a long way . if we listen to the SMS [from mining companies urging workers to return to work] there will be trouble among us," he said.

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Gold Series: The Eclipsing Demand of the East

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eastern gold demand

Boom Bust - Gerald Celente talks Ukraine, US Economy and Investing

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David Morgan On The Precious Metals Market

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Ron Paul - Is There Really Any Gold in Fort Knox?

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Paul Craig Roberts: Fed Laundering Treasury Bonds in Belgium, Real GDP was Negative & More

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