Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Silver top commodity tip for 2013

Egon von Greyerz on Market Manipulations

Egon von Greyerz discusses the LIBOR market manipulation and how markets, including the Gold and Silver markets can and are being rigged. Listen to the KWN interview here

Shinzo Abe new Japanese PM


Japan's lower house of Parliament has approved Shinzo Abe as Prime Minister, the second time the hawkish lawmaker has been in the top job.

Bono: Do they know it's Christmas (in America)?

From thejuicemedia

The Reserve Bank of Australia Explained

Thanks to Bruce for the link to the following video. The parody of the RBA's gold holdings is very topical in light of their recent admission that the RBA keeps 99.9% of our their gold reserves in the Bank of England (see post).

Shaun Micallef from 2008, please note the reference to rising interest rates is no longer valid.

Keiser Report: Ho, Ho, Freaking Ho!

In this episode, Max Keiser first talks to punk poet John Cooper Clarke about Who Stole Bongo's Trousers, private equity rock stars, the music business and onesies as the next big thing in fashion. In the second half, Max is joined by Stacy to talk about the 'poverty barons' financed by the British taxpayer.