Thursday, July 8, 2010

Are we running out of Other People's Money?

The latest essay from Martin Armstrong: download here

V-Shaped Recovery, Where Art Thou?

No new buyers are coming into the housing market. No new jobs are being created. Consumers are still de-leveraging. Banks are still reluctant to lend. And businesses are still loathe to expand in the face of an economy-wide on

Gold swap mystery deepens as BIS gets correction from Wall Street Journal

From GATA: The Wall Street Journal this evening updated and corrected its report about the gold swaps undertaken by the Bank for International Settlements, disclosing an e-mailed statement from the BIS stating that the swaps were with commercial banks, not central banks as the newspaper first on

The USA has gone Quackers!

A wonderful jab at the US welfare state by cutting political commentator Stacy Herbert "The US Congress refused to pass an extension of unemployment benefits to over a million Americans because they were “opposed to adding another $33 billion to our $13 trillion mountain of national debt.” A few days later, they agree to spend $30 billion on an escalation of killing and occupation" on

Gold Demand in China Jumps on Stock Slump

Gold demand in China, the world’s second-largest consumer, gained in the first half as government measures to cool the property market and falling equities spurred investment demand, the Shanghai Gold Exchange said.

The total volume of gold traded on the exchange jumped 59 percent in the first six months from a year earlier to the equivalent of 3,174.5 metric tons, said Song Yuqin, vice general manager at the exchange. Silver turnover soared more than fivefold, Song told a conference in Beijing on

Gold/Silver Ratio Suggests Parabolic Top For Silver

Approximately 70 respected economists, academics, gold analysts and market commentators (see list below) are of the firm opinion that gold is going to go to at least $2,500 if not as high as $10,000 per ounce (or more) before the parabolic top is reached. As such, just imagine what is in store for silver given its historical price relationship with gold. We’re looking at an extreme case scenario of a future parabolic top of perhaps as much as $714 per ounce for silver, the ‘poor man’s gold’ on

Floating Exchange Rates and their realtionship to Gold

Interesting article by Prof. Antal Fekete a long term supporter of the Gold Standard, he has also written on trading gold market basis. Read his latest

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