Saturday, October 5, 2013

Metals & Markets: Cartel Desperate to Slow the Bleed of Physical Gold!

From silverdoctors

Liquid Gold at Bullion Bar

An amazing thing has happened in Sydney, someone has invented drinkable bullion. Well close too it. A new bar has popped up in what was once the Bullion Vault of the Sydney Mint on Macquarie Street. They serve local and imported liquid gold in a very swish atmosphere, which included a DJ.

As a bonus whilst you are soaking up the history of the Mint, the last place that made real money in NSW, you can stare up at the Headquarters of the Reserve Bank of Australia (opposite the Mint) which creates our pretend money.

Weekend Chillout - Shutdown

All the news and markets seemed to care about this week was the shutdown of the US Federal Government. Although as far as I can see the US hasn't keeled over as yet, if anything it has only highlighted that most US federal employees are just unemployed(able) people with a desk and name card.


Greg Hunter on Government Shutdown over Obama Care and Israel/Iran's Nuclear Program

From Greg Hunter