Wednesday, July 7, 2010

China - the Gorilla in the 3rd gold war

Another analysis suggesting that China is the gorilla in the perennial battle of parties looking for advantage in the forces controlling the direction of the gold on

Marc Faber

Two classic videos from the legendary Marc Faber.

Video 1

Video 2

Pentagon in Race for Raw Materials

Interesting article from the Wall St Journal on the US military investigating widening the range of strategic raw materials it stockpiles. The article notes "The Defense Department holds in government warehouses a limited number of critical materials—such as cobalt, tin and zinc". Whilst this is sensible, as far as I know none of these elements are in short supply or geographically restricted.

What the article fails to mention is silver. The US used to have the the world's largest silver stockpile for the very reason it was strategic to waging modern warfare. In fact the Manhattan Project would not have been possible without the use of 4.7mil oz of silver to make super magnets and busbars. (Read the story here) In more recent times silver has been used in silver-zinc batteries, electrical wiring and solder to such an extent a single cruise missile may contain up to 15 kg of silver. But in the wisdom only the US Military could posses the whole stockpile was transferred to the treasury and then over time all of the stockpile was made it's way onto the open market.

This story is worth watching over the coming year to see if the US Military continues with a "just in time delivery" method for silver purchases or if they re-add silver to the strategic stockpiles. Maybe even they will get around to reading the USGS report on silver being most likely the first element in the periodic table to become extinct. (Read the story here) One can only guess what the silver price will go to if the US Military wades into the incredibly small silver market with a checkbook backed by Uncle Ben's printing press.

How The Banksters Serve The Gold-Buyers

There has been a familiar refrain among gold-bulls for the past few years, "if only the big-buyers would demand "delivery" of most of their gold, this would destroy the anti-gold cabal once and for all." on

Keiser Report

The latest Keiser report discusses the performance of the markets over the last 6 here

Silver and the wave of demand coming from Asia

Krugman & Ferguson

Paul Krugman (NY Times columnist and 2008 Nobel Prize winning economist) and Niall Ferguson (noted historian) discuss in detail opposing sides in the current debate on whether to re-stimulate an increasingly sluggish world economy.

View the 4 part interview below:

Paul Krugman:

Part 1

Part 2

Niall Ferguson:

Part 1


Frost & Rogers

The two veterans, David Frost & Jim Rogers (former partner of George Soros) talk about Greece, bailouts and the future of the Euro.

How High Will Gold And Silver Eventually Go In Their Current Bull Markets?

Excellent video summary of the potential inflation adjusted prices of Gold & Silver