Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dr. James David Manning takes on the Bankers

I haven't had Dr. Manning on for ages, this is a classic sermon from him.

on Nov 29, 2011

Even Socalists have to admit Ron Paul is better than Obama

on Jan 19, 2012

Dealing with mounting e-waste in India

Whilst the recyclers might be recovering plenty of copper from the wires, and some gold and palladium from the circuit boards, most of the small amounts of silver used in each device are still ending up in a landfill.

on Jan 18, 2012

GFMS Gold Survey Update 2 - Philip Newman

Thomson Reuters GFMS's Philip Newman looks at some of the standout trends from 2011 and why the consultancy thinks we could see a drop off in prices in 2013. Listen to the interview with Geoff Candy here

Market woes chip at super nest eggs

Of course if you had a SMSF and invested those funds in an asset who's value has never fallen to zero in the last 5,000 years your fund would have return in excess of 10% in 2011.


From The Sydney Morning Herald (

THE average Australian superannuation fund lost money in 2011 due to the sharemarket's poor performance, with analysts expecting a 2 per cent decrease in median ''balanced'' funds.

Conservative funds and cash funds - which allocate money to defensive assets such as fixed interest and bonds, where returns are normally lower - outperformed high-growth funds.

Paul Saliba, chief investment officer at wealth management firm Lachlan Partners, expects the outlook for 2012 to be similar to last year, with low-risk assets outperforming the sharemarket because of the risks facing the global economy.

''There is a clear risk for equity returns in a world of weak economic growth, deleveraging of both consumers and governments worldwide,'' he said.

The debt crisis in Europe was a ''dire risk'', he said, and ''unless something changes - and on all reports it's hard to see how it can change with any speed - then investors are going to be gun shy''.

While government bonds were the biggest gainers last year, Mr Saliba said corporate bonds should do well this year as people realised that ''companies are not going to fail en masse''.

According to superannuation research and consultancy firm Chant West, the negative super returns of 2011 compared with positive returns of 4.7 per cent in 2010 and 15 per cent in 2009, but were far better than losses of 21.5 per cent during the late-2008 global financial crisis.

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People & Power: Collapse of the Celtic Tiger

on Jan 19, 2012

More Argie Bargie over Oil and Gas

The war was always about the oil, particularly now with Brittan's North Sea oil wells running dry, never the wishes of some sheep herders.

on Jan 19, 2012

Royal Navy in South Georgia:

Image from Google Maps

George Galloway - US war in Afghanistan

 I love George hammering "American values" (see 14:55 mark)

on Jan 20, 2012

Gerald Celente: Occupy movement is just starting

on Jan 18, 2012

Weekend Chillout - The approaching storm

With the European debt downgrades, the World Bank's lower growth forecasts and the covert Iranian War 2012 has certainly started off with many clouds on the horizon. Lets just hope those clouds have a silver lining.

Fly me to the Moon

Apollo you are cleared for takeoff.......