Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stepping Back to Admire the View

Here at ABC Bullion we occasionally like to have a break from the daily noise of the markets, take a few steps back and contemplate a long term view. A somewhat natural action when you deal with the metals that have been desired and fought over as treasure and money by mankind for the last 6,000 years. Our long term view for today settled on the ASX All Ords index. It came as somewhat of a surprise to discover the index is exactly at the same level as 5 years ago, particularly after receiving all that advice from financial planners over the years that it was “time in the market, not timing the market that makes you money" - maybe they meant a very long time in the market.

Fortunately here at ABC Bullion we tend to listen to our own consul, and that of our clients, who have been quietly bullish on gold and silver over the last 10 years, and particularly so over the last 5 years.

Click on the chart above for the 5 year performance of the ASX All Ords (blue line) vs. the price of Gold (red line, using the GLD ETF as a proxy for gold). I must say our customers have been very wise indeed over the last 5 years.

Got Gold?

by Lorimer Wilson: "Warren Buffett once described derivatives as 'financial weapons of mass destruction' - and for a very good reason. While U.S. 'unfunded liabilities' are larger than the entire global economy, the derivatives market is 20 times larger than the entire global economy - at an astonishing $1 quadrillion. Yes, you heard me correctly - $1 quadrillion! And get this - this derivative market is totally unregulated. It is totally lacking in transparency, meaning that all we know about this $1 quadrillion mountain of banker-paper is what the bankers tell us."....read on

Three Card Monty

By Aubie Baltin: We're at a critical point in the equity market right now - risk remains extremely high as a major Bear Market is just around the corner. We are at the mid-range of the Bollinger Bands, having just finished 5 days correcting the prior drop from the top band to the bottom one. The question is: Does this rally continue on to reach the top Bollinger Band or does the market break down....read on