Thursday, April 11, 2013

Breaking The Set

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Central Banks Directly Going After Nation's Gold

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Goldman Sachs Lowers Target on Gold

Personally I would prefer to go long gold into 2017+ and short Goldman Sachs, but then that might be my anti-theiving Yankee bankers - pro real things bias talking.

Yen Edges to 100 as BOJ Says Enough for Now

April 11 (Bloomberg) -- John Dawson reports on the yen. He speaks with Susan Li on Bloomberg Television's "First Up."

Swiss Vault exudes old world opulence

April 10 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg goes deep underground, below the Zurich headquarters of Credit Suisse, and inside one of the bank's secure vaults dedicated to private clients.

SIS Toronto 13': Lawrence Roulston, Investing in the Future of Developing Metal Companies

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Black Rain

Brilliant artwork by WilliamBanzai7


Cyprus forced to sell 10 tons of Gold

Love the word "agreed" as if anyone ever "agrees" to sell their gold, words "forced" or "captured" would be more appropriate. 


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(Reuters) - Cyprus has agreed to sell excess gold reserves to raise around 400 million euros and help finance its part of its bailout, an assessment of Cypriot financing needs prepared by the European Commission showed.

The draft assessment, obtained by Reuters, also said that Cyprus would raise 10.6 billion euros from the winding down of Laiki Bank and the losses imposed on junior bondholders and the deposit-for-equity swap for uninsured deposits in the Bank of Cyprus.

Silencing alternate views

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Immature To Say Gold No Longer a Safe-Haven Asset:

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