Monday, March 4, 2013

Time to Sell the Aussie Dollar?

Don't you just hate "stale Aussie shorts"?

Of course if the Aussie falls relative to the US Dollar gold and silver prices move higher in Aussie dollars (assuming a static USD gold and silver price)

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Todd Elmer, Currency Strategist at Citi thinks the RBA will likely keep rates on hold at its March policy meeting but says there is scope for another 25 bps in cuts over the next 6 months. He thinks there is more ammunition to sell the AUD at this point.

Australian Dollar and the Cash Rate

Mar. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Moody's Analytics Economist Matthew Circosta discusses building approvals in Australia, the Aussie Dollar and whether the RBA will cut rates tomorrow. He speaks with Susan Li on Bloomberg Television's "First Up."

Druckenmiller Sees Crisis Worse Than 2008

March 1 (Bloomberg) -- Stan Druckenmiller, founder of Duquesne Capital Management LLC and one of the best performing hedge fund managers of the past three decades, discusses his concerns about entitlement spending, the economy, investment strategy, and tax policy. He speaks with Bloomberg Television's Stephanie Ruhle.

Dmitri is Back!

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LIBOR rates are the biggest bankster scam ever in history

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Man Swears off Money

Of course this guy is actually swearing off currency. I imagine he would not be disgusted with exchanges for real money - Gold and Silver.

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Egyptian Army Intervenes in Port Said

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The Egyptian military intervened in clashes between protesters and police in the restive city of Port Said on Sunday. It's the latest sign of violence that continues to rock Egypt two years after the uprising that ousted Hosni Mubarak.

Ben Bernanke thinks you're stupid

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Amazon's Human Robots

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Between a sooty power station and a brown canal on the edge of a small Midlands town, there is a long blue building that looks like a smear of summer sky on the damp industrial landscape.

Inside, hundreds of people in orange vests are pushing trolleys around a space the size of nine football pitches, glancing at the screens of their hand-held satnav computers for directions on where to walk next and what to pick up when they get there.

They do not dawdle — the devices in their hands are also measuring their productivity. They might each walk between seven and 15 miles today.

Before they can go home at the end of their eight-hour shift, or go to the canteen for their 30-minute break, they must walk through a set of airport-style security scanners to prove they are not stealing anything.

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Rick Rule on Platinum and Palladium

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Beppe Grillo - The Man Who Knew Too Much

** Warning the first following video contains rude words in Italian, but they are contextually appropriate given the subject matter **

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What makes Beppe Grillo tick? After a quarter of Italians voted for his brand of populist insurgency in last week's general election, it is a question preoccupying the country's political class and much of the eurozone. According to Italy's most distinguished playwright and prominent Grillo supporter, the answer is simple.

"Grillo is like a character in one of my plays," says Dario Fo, whose satires on medieval and modern life have seen him handed a Nobel prize and hounded off Italian stages in a career that has covered 50 years. "He is from that school of medieval minstrels who played with paradox and the absurd," adds Fo.

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Skeptics questions on Gold Manipulation with the guys from

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