Thursday, June 6, 2013

NY Fed's Gold Vault

Well the door to the dock at least. I just looked up the NY Fed on Google Maps for a article I was writing and thought well while I am here I may as well go for a walk around the block. Whilst taking the digital stroll I found the dock door to the infamous Fed Gold vault. Nice to see the Federal Reserve police in attendance, not sure if they are gold investors but it they seem to regularly invest in jelly doughnuts.

Image from Google Maps

Catherine Austin Fitts - Gold Going to More of a Sound Money System

From Greg Hunter

Catherine Austin Fitts, founder of The Solari Report, points out the world is buying physical gold. Fitts contends, "What that means is there is going to be a much more broad-based bull market in gold. . . I think it's going to more of a sound money system, and gold is going to be a part of that." Not everybody wants to be brought into the so-called new world order. Fitts predicts, "Remember, to come out with a one world currency, you need everybody. There can be no leakage. There can be no exceptions. The Russians are determined to be the stinker at the party is what I think." Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with investment banker and money manager Catherine Austin Fitts.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on Gold and Gangster Capitalism

From GoldMoneyNews

Russian police raid secret underground town

The ultimate in "underground" economies?

From AlJazeeraEnglish

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