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David Morgan at the Vancouver Investment Conference

on Jan 22, 2012

David Morgan speaks at the Vancouver Investment Conference, January 22, 2012

Alex Jones on Iranian Oil and Rand Paul

TheAlexJonesChannel | Jan 24, 2012


Australia to follow EU lead in banning Iranian oil

Anyone know what % of Australia's oil imports come from Iran?

Countries Exporting Oil to Australia.
Source: Matt Mushalik, based on data from http://tonto.eia.doe.gov/country/index.cfm

Kevin Rudd - Australia's Foreign Ministe
Jan 24 (Reuters) - Australia will follow the EU lead in banning oil imports from Iran, the country's foreign minister Kevin Rudd said on Tuesday.

"On the question of Iran, let me be absolutely clear (regarding) the actions taken in Brussels yesterday on sanctions by the European Union -- we in Australia will undertake precisely the same parallel action for Australia," he told reporters during a visit to London......read more

The Ron Paul Fix is in

One of the most powerful videos Sean has ever produced.

on Jan 24, 2012 The Ron Paul FIX is in: a SGT micro-doc


Pepe Escobar - EU needs Iran's oil, shoots itself into feet

on Jan 23, 2012

Reports from Iran suggest a fierce reaction to the EU's move to impose an embargo on Iran's crude exports. To discuss the implications of fresh sanctions against Iran, RT talks to Pepe Escobar - columnist and 'Asia Times' correspondent, from Bangkok.

US deploys 12,000 troops in Libya

Brega port - image from Google Maps

Repeat after me - "we bombed Libya to protect the Libyan people".....if you say it often enough it will make you feel better when you go to gas pump.

From PressTV.ir

The United States has sent some 12,000 soldiers to Libya, in the first phase of deployments to the oil-rich North African nation.

According to Asharq Alawsat, the troops landed in the eastern oil port city of Brega.

Although the deployment is said to be aimed at generating stability and security in the region, the troops are expected to take control of the country's key oil fields and strategic ports.

Brega, the site of an important oil refinery, serves as a major export hub for Libyan oil. The town is also one of the five oil terminals in the eastern half of the country.

Following the popular uprising of the Libyan people, NATO launched a major air campaign against the forces of the former regime on March 19, 2011 under a UN mandate to “protect the Libyan population.”.....read more

Sen. Rand Paul on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer

This is a followup to this post

on Jan 23, 2012
Sen. Rand Paul speaking with CNN's Wolf Blizter regarding his detainment by the TSA

Marc Faber - US Bonds Should Be Rated Junk Status

Thanks to SilverDoctors.com for the link.

Wall St Creative Accounting explained

on Jan 12, 2012

Senator Rand Paul being detained by TSA

Sounds like the TSA have never heard of Ron & Rand Paul either.......

from Ron Paul on Twitter

Currency Wars - Iran Banned From Trading Gold and Silver

CVN70 USS Carl Vinson
From Goldcore.com

Gold jumped to its highest in more than a month as result of the uncertainty over of the Greek debt outcome and the growing geopolitical tensions with Iran and the US and NATO countries.

The Iranian geopolitical tension is supporting gold as Britain, America and France have delivered a clear message to Iran, sending six warships led by a 100,000 ton aircraft carrier through the highly sensitive Strait of Hormuz.

Reuters report that the EU has agreed to freeze the assets of the Iranian central bank and ban all trade in gold and other precious metals with the Iranian Central Bank and other public bodies in Iran.

According to IMF data, at the last official count (in 1996), Iran had reserves of just over 168 tonnes of gold. The FT reported in March 2011 that Iran has bought large amounts of bullion on the international market to diversify away from the dollar, citing a senior Bank of England official.

Currency wars continue and are deepening.

A study in mass psychology

An amazing video of the group mind as was being discussed by James Dines in a earlier post. This is a perfect analogy to the silver bull market. A few nutters ignoring what others thought and started buying silver at US$4/oz then a few others join them at $8, then a few more at $15, and so on, then half of the rest of the crowd joins in when we get to $100, then everyone parties at $500 - $1,000/oz. Dorothy can you dance in those silver slippers?

EU bans Iranian Oil and Gold

on Jan 23, 2012