Monday, June 24, 2013

Ecuador Considers Snowden Asylum Request

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A Sick Divergence

Remember when Australia actually made things instead of taking each others temperature?

This is not a sign of a healthy economy, manufacturing generates exports and prevents imports, healthcare consumes tax receipts and private wealth.

Australian Shares Take Another Beating

Declines amongst majors stocks:

  • BHP: -3.4%
  • Rio: -2.1%
  • ANZ: -0.1%
  • CBA: -0.5%
  • NAB: -1%
  • Westpac: -0.6%
  • Fortescue: -4.3%
  • Woolworths: -0.8%
  • Wesfarmers: -0.5%
  • Telstra: -1.1%

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I used to forget my passwords but now I take a pill for that

Cool, you could store your bitcoins in your tummy....."Hey John have you put on weight over the holidays?....oh no I just added to my bitcoin holdings".   Although rubbing tummies with strangers to effect a transfer could be a bit awkward.


How Low Can Gold Go?

Kudlow: I like to see gold falling. I'm not sure I like to see it falling fast. It's a long way down and maybe it's gone to a thousand bucks. I have no idea, but if you have a combination of a stable king dollar or even a stronger king dollar and falling gold prices, what would that tell you?

Yes that is right you have no idea. As to what it tells you it means that Westerners are believing the BS from B.S. Bernanke whilst Chinese and Indians are queuing to buy gold while it is still on sale. 

China Slowdown Now a Clear & Present Danger

Concerns about China’s economy intensified Thursday after a private measure of manufacturing came in at its lowest level in nine months. The HSBC/Markit flash China PMI survey also featured a steep drop in new export orders, indicating China is suffering from global weakness, notably in Europe.

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Breaking The Set - Gangster Banksters and Brazilians

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11 Silver Things You Need To Know About Silver

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Brother JohnF - Silver Shocker

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Greg Hunter on Middle East, Stock Market, Gold and Silver, NSA and More

From Greg Hunter

Paul Craig Roberts on Gold and the Fed

Dr. Roberts discusses the gold market and the recent Fed announcements. Listen to the KWN interview here

Marc Faber - Likes Gold More Than Equities

"If you believe that [Bernanke] means what he says, then you believe in Father Christmas." "we are going to see QE99," "the S&P could drop 20-30%from the recent highs - easily." "The only thing that I know is that I want to own some physical gold because I don't want all of my assets in financial assets." ~ Marc Farber