Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ron Paul Iowa Debate Highlights

The Young Turks

Gerald Celente on Brian Sussman show KSFO

Marc Faber on CNBC

From: DoomBoomGloom | Aug 6, 2011

Question everything

US public fed up with politicians

From: PressTVGlobalNews | Aug 10, 2011

A recent survey shows Americans are increasingly unsatisfied with their leaders in Washington. Two in five Americans say they do not want their own member of congress reelected.

Interview with Mike Gravel former US senator, from San Francisco.

The Kingmakers

UK unrest

From: PressTVGlobalNews | Aug 12, 2011

A broken society, a complete lack of responsibility from people feeling that the world owes them something: this is how the British Prime Minister David Cameron describes the civil unrest in the UK but what is the public's side of the story? Who is to blame and why?

BIX WEIR: The Main Battle Now is in the SILVER Market

From: SGTbull07 | Aug 9, 2011

This is a Market Meltdown Emergency Update with Bix Weir of Road to

Bob Chapman - Gold Explodes, Silver Holds

From: SGTbull07 | Aug 8, 2011

Dow Plummets 600+ points, Gold soars. August 8, 2011 interview with Bob Chapman.

LONDON BURNING: Infowars Special Report on Social Unrest and Economic Collapse

Report from 10 Aug, hence Alex's mention of stock market action has become dated, but the rest of the discussion is very valid.

Street Justice: UK vigilantes stand up as police fail to combat riots

From: RussiaToday | Aug 12, 2011

The British Prime Minister's blaming gangs, Blackberry phones, and even social networks for inciting the violence in the country. David Cameron's also said parts of society are "sick" - but locals in the affected areas say they've been neglected by the government for years. With a sense of insecurity growing on the streets, people are now forced to take matters into their own hands, as Laura Emmett reports from London.