Thursday, November 27, 2014

Axel Merk on Swiss gold referendum

Christie’s Hong Kong Autumn Sales Netted $388M

Just as well there is no inflation.

Nov. 27 (Bloomberg) –- Christie’s Chairman & International Head of Asian Art Jonathan Stone discusses Christie’s Hong Kong Autumn Sale, some of the pieces that were up for sale and the records that were set with Angie Lau on “First Up.”

Australian Housing: Are Foreign Buyer Rules Broken?

Nov. 27 (Bloomberg) –- The flood of foreign money into Australia has pushed up property prices and critics say it’s gone too far and that rules are being bent. Bloomberg’s Paul Allen reports on “First Up.”


The Death of Paper Money

First the elite took our gold, then our silver and finally our paper money, and with that went our right to spend freely.

From IFO Institut


Douglas French: Keynesians Desperate To Keep Boom Going

From WallStForMainSt

Published on Nov 21, 2014

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed former President of the Mises Institute, author, former banker and contributing editor to Casey Research, Douglas French.

Doug's bio and the titles of his 3 books for purchase can be found here:

The Birth of a Gold Bar