Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Who says you can't eat gold?

Lindt Opera - Dark chocolate ganache, coffee butter cream and coffee soaked almond sponge, topped with gold leaf.

As seen in the Lindt Cafe, Sydney today.

Keiser Report: The Killing of Tony Blair

From RT

Published on Aug 28, 2013

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the U.S. regulator's case against JP Morgan for violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, known in polite circles as 'client hires.' In the second half, Max talks to George Galloway, a Member of Parliament, about the film, The Killing of Tony Blair, that he is crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The film explores the financial killing the former prime minister has made on the mass killings in the various wars he started across the Middle East.

CrossTalk: Destroying Syria

From RT

Published on Aug 28, 2013

What would be the implications be of Western intervention in Syria? What is the way to end the Syrian stalemate? And are Western policies toward Syria and Iraq that much different? CrossTalking with Yazan Abdallah, Michael Shank and Ed Krayewski.

The Economic Winter is Here with Peter Baxter

From theprimeinterest

Published on Aug 27, 2013

Kondratieff Wave theory details how capitalist economies experience a recurring cycle. It's a boom and bust of around 60 years that coincides with a peak in credit. The cycle consists of four distinct phases based on mood changes. The tone determines the actions of individuals involved in the economy. The cycle duration of the so-called K-Wave is also similar to the human lifespan. So, when each economic "winter" rolls around, the problem is cultural memory loss. Bob talks to Peter Baxter, author of, about deflation in the winter cycle.

Lehrman on 'Money, Gold and History'

When the US Starts Firing Silver Against Syria this is the form it take

I am sure the Syrians killed with "pin point accuracy" will be glad to know they weren't collateral damage. The following weapon systems all use silver in their wiring, contacts and in the case of the tomahawk cruise missile in its batteries - hey if they cost $1.4 million each why not have the best?

Aug. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg contributor Richard Falkenrath identifies the four missile weapons systems most likely to be used in the event of an American intervention in the Syrian conflict. (Video from Department of Defense)

Gold Price in Indian Rupees Turns Positive for 2013

As predicted on this blog a mere 8 days ago the gold price in Indian Rupees has just turned positive for 2013 and in a big way. Here is what I wrote on the 20th Aug. "the INR price for gold is only down 4.7% YTD. Give it a week or two of rising gold prices and falling Rupee the gold price in INR will turn positive for the year."

From The Times of India

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MUMBAI: The rupee plunged to a new record low of 68.75 per dollar in the late morning trade on Wednesday on persistent dollar demand from banks and importers due to further fall in equity market amid rise in crude oil prices.

The rupee resumed lower at 66.90 per dollar as against the last closing level of 66.24 per dollar at the Interbank Foreign Exchange (Forex) Market and dropped further to an all-time low of 68.75 per dollar at 10.45am.

Persistent capital outflows by foreign funds also affected the rupee value against the dollar, a forex dealer said. Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) sold shares worth a net Rs 1,373.99 crore on Tuesday as per the provisional data from stock exchanges.


Gold Hits $1600 Aussie Dollars

Gold has continued to grind higher today in Asian hours trade with the spot price briefly touching $1600/oz in Australian Dollars.

A Gold and Silver Refinery in Action

From MKSCapitalAus

MMTC-PAMP Pvt Ltd is a state-of-the-art Precious Metals Refinery based in Haryana, India, approximately 2 hours drive from Delhi.

The Refinery was Incorporated in January 2008 and is a joint venture between the MKS Group and MMTC Limited, a Indian Government Enterprise.

The MKS Group is an international precious metals organisation and provides a fully integrated range of trading, financial and refining/fabrication services to the corporate international precious metal community. This commitment is carried out by over 500 employees worldwide working out of 15 offices across five continents.

The MKS Group also owns and operates a refinery in Switzerland, PAMP SA. PAMP is one of the largest refiners and manufacturers of precious metal products in the world. The refinery is based in Castel San Pietro, Switzerland and processes Gold and Silver as well as Platinum Group Metals (PGM's).

MMTC-PAMP was built under the direct technical supervision of PAMP SA, and continues to operate in close alliance with it's Swiss based sister refinery.

Websites for reference (,,

The Lycurgus Cup


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Recently, there have been two recent engineering discoveries from Ancient Rome that have the potential to shake up some major areas of industry – discoveries that show we still have a lot to learn from our ancestors.

The first finding is rather astonishing. As noted earlier this month by Zeeya Merali, a 1,600 year old chalice known as the Lycurgus Cup have proved to be more than just a stunning work of art. It’s also an example of one of the earliest forms of nanotechnology.

The cup, as Merali notes, was actually a mystery for centuries. That’s because it appears green when lit from one angle, but red when lit from a different angle. It wasn’t until the 1990s, after decades of study in the 20th century, that it was determined how it was created. As it turns out, the glass itself was infused with particles of silver and gold that were only about 50 nanometers in diameter. The particular ratio of the mixture was definitely known, as other similar cups have been discovered.

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Pentagon chief says US ready to strike Syria any moment

From RTAmerica

Gold Investment Symposium, Sydney October 16/17 2013

The 6th Annual Gold Investment Symposium, 16-17 October 2013

With volatility continuing to plague the world’s financial markets, the Gold Investment Symposium is being held in Sydney to help investors protect and grow their wealth.

Now in it's 6th year, no other event in Australia attracts the high-calibre speakers, investors and companies that attend the symposium.

Investors are flooded with up to the minute news reports leading to confusion about the state of the global market. With the US Federal Reserve sending out mixed messages regarding the end of their stimulus campaign, reports China’s economy is slowing, and experts debating the health of the Australian currency, investors are looking for opportunities amidst all the confusion.

This year, bullion experts, miners, investors, brokers and advisers have already started registering for the event. Not only do they attend to gain a greater insight into the current market and its potential opportunities, but also to meet with these experts, and network with industry leaders and other like-minded people. 

An outstanding line-up of International and local keynote speakers has already been confirmed for the program, with more to be announced shortly. Be sure to check back for the latest updates as well as watching video interviews with the speakers, and accompanying articles and blogs.

Also, back due to popular demand is a panel discussion with experts from a range of different sectors debating where to now for investors.

General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years

Things seems to be going to plan if maybe not in the order envisaged.