Thursday, March 21, 2013

Brother JohnF - Silver Update: Fiscal Psychopath

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Steve Keen on Cyprus - 'Blowing Capitalism's Brains Out'

The best analysis of the Cypriot banking crisis so far - Go Aussie!

Julia Gillard remains PM

The vote that wasn't. Todays spill of the PM and Deputy PM resulted in the only two candidates being the incumbents - Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan. As a result no vote was held.

Best quote of the day goes to National Party Senator Barnaby Joyce after the meeting who quipped: "They had a vote for chaos and it was unanimous"

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The Fed, Cyprus and Gillard

Cyprus Fin Min: We're Hoping for Russian Support

Michael Sarris, Cyprus finance minister, tells CNBC how his first meeting with his Russian counterpart was "very constructive".

Australian PM and Deputy PM positions to be Spilled at 4:30pm

* Breaking News *

The Australian PM and Deputy PM positions will be spilled at 4:30pm today.

Live coverage at the Sydney Morning Herald here

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South Korean Banks and Broadcasters under Cyberattack

Chris Davies, Mar 20th 2013

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A huge cyberattack on South Korean banks, broadcasters and others, believed to be one of the most serious in the country’s history, has left investigators hunting for evidence of North Korean involvement as infrastructure struggled back online.

Systems at multiple banks and two insurance companies were either forced offline or severely impacted in the attack, which began at roughly 2pm local time; three TV stations were also targeted and suffered downtime. However, despite strong suspicions at North Korean involvement, spokespersons from South Korean agencies insist it’s too early to lay the blame at their insular northern neighbours.

Breaking The Set

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Abby Martin Breaks the Set with Dennis Kucinich, Iraq War Veterans, & War Drums Beating for Syria and Iran.

JS Kim - Why We've All Been Cyprus'd

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Lyndon LaRouche and Alex Jones discuss Cyprus and EU

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Obama visits Israel

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3D Printing the future of manufacturing

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Iraq - A decade of despair

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Cyprus - The tale of two debates

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Cyprus mulls raiding pension accounts

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Chase Bank Customers See Red After Glitch Empties Accounts

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