Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tweet of the Week

Obama Becoming A Gun Grabbing Tyrant

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Mike Maloney - End Of USA Dominance - Nails In The Dollar Standard's Coffin

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Clarke and Dawe - Unsettling news for Australian film investors

Pure genius.

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Keiser Report: 'Rubby Dubby' Market Rigging

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This Week in Money on Dollar Collapse, Gold Manipulation and Central Bank Communism

From TheDollarVigilante

Published on Jun 4, 2014

Jeff Berwick is interviewed on This Week in Money by Jim Goddard, topics include: the end of the monetary system as we know it, the end of the silver price fix, gold price manipulation law suits, gold repatriation, money printing and the markets, how governments manipulate economic statistics, US dollar hegemony ending, taxation is theft, central banks are communist and destroy economies, having more but smaller governments far preferable to one big one.

Boom Bust on Doug Casey on Data Collection

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How The Disinformation War Was Won

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